College Student Therapy

For some students, embarking on their college career not only provides new opportunities, but new emotional and social challenges they may find difficult to meet on their own. Parents concerned about changes in their college student's behavior or mood may experience frustration and a sense of helplessness in trying to help their student navigate these challenges from a distance.

College student therapy at Fayetteville Psychotherapy Associates, PLC

Many parents realize that their student needs the guidance of a trusted adult, yet they also know that they cannot always be that person, either because of geographical distance or their student's desire for independence from them. The therapists at Fayetteville Psychotherapy Associates have provided that trusted guidance for many university students and their families.

Our practice, located within walking distance of the University of Arkansas campus since 2000, has provided a private, caring, and supportive environment for students experiencing struggles as they transitioned through college life and into early adulthood.

Students often seek the assistance of our therapists when:

Scheduling appointments for college students

Understandably, concerned parents may want to assist their student in finding a therapist and setting up an initial appointment to meet with that therapist. Our staff is always happy to answer a parent's questions about our therapy services, insurance, scheduling procedures, as well as any other questions they may have. We do ask that the student himself/herelf contact us to schedule their first appointment.

Self-scheduling helps to address the following: