Discrete and High Profile Therapy Services

Discrete therapy services for high profile therapy services at Fayetteville Psychotherapy Associates

Our clinic adheres to all state and federal laws regarding patient confidentiality and we consider confidentiality and trust to be a cornerstone of our practice.

However, for some clients, because of their celebrity stature, prominence in the business world, or position in the community, it is important that their decision to work with a therapist be kept completely private. For high-profile individuals like this, mere confidentiality is not enough. Even bumping into an acquaintance in the waiting room might have negative consequences for their career, political aspirations, or social standing.

We respect the desire to seek the benefits of working with a highly qualified therapist while doing so under the utmost discretion. We have worked with many high-profile clients to ensure that they could achieve their therapy goals and maintain their privacy while seeing our therapists.

We offer a number of discrete therapy services for our high-profile clients, including special scheduling accomodations and therapy at your location.

Please call our offices to inquire about these special services.