Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take before I can be seen for my first appointment at Fayetteville Psychotherapy Associates?
Generally, our psychologists and counselors can accommodate a new patient within two to three weeks, and sometimes even sooner. The more flexible you can be about when you are available for an appointment, the sooner we will be able to work you in for your initial session.

How much does therapy cost?
Each of our practitioners sets his or her own fee schedule which is in keeping with their education and experience, as well as the rates charged by other practitioners in the Northwest Arkansas area. Please feel free to call our office for rates and information about each therapist's specific fee schedule or click here for more information about our fees and payment policies.

Do you take insurance?
Yes, we do accept insurance through most major insurance plans and will file claims with most insurers on your behalf. For more information about mental health benefits, how to check your specific benefits, and to see a list of some of the insurance networks in which we participate, please go to our insurance page.

Do you offer a sliding fee schedule?
No, we do not, but there are a number of providers and organizations (such as Ozark Guidance) in the area that do offer programs with reduced fees.

Can the therapist prescribe medication for me if I need it?
No, our therapists do not prescribe medication. They will assist you in working with your primary care physician to obtain appropriate medication or provide you with a referral to a psychiatrist for medication management if they feel it is warranted.

Does your practice treat children?
No, our staff does not treat children individually, but we do provide family therapy services and services to support parents.

Are appointments available outside of the workday/ workweek?
Yes, a limited number of evening appointments are available. Please let the office staff know your scheduling requirements when you make your appointment and they will work to accomodate your scheduling needs.

Where can I park?
There are metered parking spots directly in front of our building and a limited number of non-metered spots across the street. The parking lot just to the north of our building is not available for public parking.

How long will I be in therapy?
Since each individual, couple, and family is unique, the number and frequency of therapy sessions required to reach the therapeutic goals set by the patient(s) is unique as well. If you have questions about how your therapy is progressing, feel free to talk with your therapist at any time.

Is daycare available at Fayetteville Psychotherapy Associates?
No. Unfortunately, patients will have to make their own daycare arrangements off-site. For the safety of the children, and out of respect for other patients and staff members, we do not allow children to be left unattended in our waiting room for any period of time.

Is what I talk about with my therapist confidential?
Generally, yes, but there are some specific legal exceptions. At your first visit, you will receive a copy of our privacy policies which will fully explain your rights to and the limits of confidentiality (you may download the forms here). Feel free to discuss any confidentiality concerns you may have with your therapist.

Do you accept payment by credit card?
Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover credit and debit cards. We also accept HSA cards.

Do you offer phone sessions?
No, all of our therapy services are conducted in person.